I've taken up a bit of gardening and vegetable growing. Anyone interested can follow my diary here.


Your an idiot to think that you can nip over to "hidemyass.com" to block your IP address so you can add a comment to get my new blog address.

You must think I'm a complete bimbo!



It would seem said Stalker does not take hints at all. So because of this I am transferring all posts relating to me/life/kids and stuff to a new location. The new blog will be private and you will only get access if a) I know you personally or b) I've invited you to see it.

Apologies to all my random blog followers, but I really have no other option now.
I contemplated deleting my blog altogether, but I really enjoy blogging every once in a while and love looking back on things I've been up to.

This blog will remain here for review purposes only.

If I know you, or if you are a follower and want to follow me over to the new blog; feel free to drop me an email, if you know it and if you don't, well drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do!



Reading? Seems pretty simple!

Well judging by my recent blog stats it would appear that you didn't take any notice of my last post.
Following me about the internet is not big, it's not clever and to be honest, well it's kinda "stalker-ish", don't you think?

I know that you've been downloading pics from this blog and following my tweets.
Oh and whats the interest in Freecycle, wanna see what I'm giving away on it?

Oh boy.

Just do yourself a favour and knock it off!

You do know that most websites these days have trackers on them, don't you?
Trackers that log your IP address, location and so on and so forth?
Didn't think so.

I know you've been here.
And I know you've been on my other sites too.

Just grow up and act your age, for fucks sake.
Leave me the hell alone!

Aveeno Skincare Solutions - Review

So, the other day I received a fab email offering the chance to be in on a new trial. I applied and within a few days the postman brought me a lovely package. Inside were three Aveeno Skincare Solution products; Daily Moisturising Lotion, Aveeno Cream and Colloidal Bath Powder

Daily Moisturising Lotion

Even though this is 'Fragrance Free', it does have a wheaty aroma to it. Not strong and very pleasant. I used this straight after a shower or bath, focusing mainly on my dry areas; knees, ankles, wrists and elbows. It is a very light moisturiser and absorbs into the skin great. Doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy at all, as I've found with most moisturisers and after applying my skin felt soft, smooth and hydrated. Exactly what you'd expect from a moisturiser. The sample I got was a 200ml bottle and after using for a few days now, I can see that this is going to last me quite a while as a little does indeed go a hell of a long way!

Aveeno Cream

I wasn't quite sure what this cream was meant for. I mean, what area of the body. It's a smaller bottle (100ml) and came in a little box. The instructions on the back of the bottle were very similar to that of the Daily Moisturising Lotion, so I just decided to use it as a facial moisturiser.
Again, this one had a hint of wheat fragrance, absorbed great into my face/neck and worked wonders on the little dry patches I get, caused by stress. I would definitely buy this once it appears on shop shelves.

Aveeno Colloidal Bath Powder

This wasn't the best thing, or easiest thing to use. Upon pouring under bath water, it turned the bath into a gloup/porridge and didn't smell too great. Whether or not I used it properly, I don't know. It turned the bath water a brown colour, which totally put me off jumping in. I'm afraid the plug was pulled on this one and was untested. Maybe if this product was clear I would have been more keen on using it.

Overall the products are great, great packaging and the creams work a treat. I would definitely recommend this to people. You can check out the whole range here.

Thumbs up Johnson & Johnson!!

*Struggling to upload images at the moment, but as soon as it's sorted I will have a few up*

Could taking part in surveys really earn you cash?

I'm talking about Pure Profile, which is a great little money spinner. However, you do have to put the time and dedication in to set up your profile in a way that fits the particular businesses target market.

Some surveys only take a few minutes and then others can sometimes take an hour [the loading of every page on surveys takes most of the time] - But when thinking about it you can be paid anywhere from 20p to £3. Just from sitting in the comfort of your own home.

You can redeem the money you've earnt once you hit the £25 and it goes straight into your bank account and I an honestly say Pure Profile is the only online survey company that has caught my attention and kept me wanting more. It was only yesterday that I was filling in a survey about McDonalds toys.

Wanna give it a try, click here to register and start earning a bit of extra cash.