It would seem said Stalker does not take hints at all. So because of this I am transferring all posts relating to me/life/kids and stuff to a new location. The new blog will be private and you will only get access if a) I know you personally or b) I've invited you to see it.

Apologies to all my random blog followers, but I really have no other option now.
I contemplated deleting my blog altogether, but I really enjoy blogging every once in a while and love looking back on things I've been up to.

This blog will remain here for review purposes only.

If I know you, or if you are a follower and want to follow me over to the new blog; feel free to drop me an email, if you know it and if you don't, well drop me a comment and I'll see what I can do!




Chunks of Reality said...

Hi! Please invite me to your blog. :)

My email addy is chunksofreality@gmail.com

Living Dead Girl said...

Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, I just don't seem to have time to update my personal blog anymore, so I don't see any point in inviting you to it (without trying to sound harsh) - But I do have a gardening blog (maybe not your cup of tea) but it gets updated a lot, so feel free to check it out :) - http://intothegardenspace.wordpress.com/